We will appreciate the steady builders of leadership within the established territory while also embracing the innovative and avant-garde.


The International Leadership Journal is a peer-reviewed, online publication devoted to leadership – theory/research, education/development, and practice/application – and to all organizational phenomena – e.g., behavior, structure, culture, human and other resources – that may affect or be affected by leadership. The journal is published by the TST, Inc. It is available online at no cost to researchers, educators, practicing leaders, consultants, and anyone else who may be interested in exploring leadership and organizational issues pertinent to leadership through reading, writing, and dialoguing.

The purpose of the journal is threefold:

  1. to provide a high quality, inclusive, ongoing, online forum for the consideration of leadership research, education, and practice, with the end of making a positive difference for leaders, organizations, and human life around the world;
  2. to offer new, innovative, provocative, and even controversial perspectives that can potentially contribute to unique directions in the field of leadership studies, advance knowledge in the field, or re-conceptualize leadership or leadership studies in part or entirely;
  3. to promote integrative perspectives for leadership and leadership studies – interdisciplinary; international; interorganizational; open to multiple theoretical and epistemological perspectives, and to multiple research methodologies, as well as to their interaction; inclusive of multiple contexts (organizational, social, cultural, political, aesthetic, technological), multiple sectors (e.g., business, nonprofit, government, education, military), multiple situations (e.g., new or established organizations, small or large organizations, networks, social movements, activist associations), and their common and distinct leadership issues.

The journal is different from most leadership journals for three reasons:

  1. It is international in scope and intended for broad international audiences. It solicits articles, teaching materials, reviews, comments, and responses from scholars, educators, practicing leaders, consultants, students, and others around the world. It values a new shared, transnational, dispersed conception of leadership wherein all people in all nations can understand and exercise leadership.
  2. It strongly encourages and supports mavericks who have the courage to challenge taken-for-granted and embedded ways of understanding, researching, teaching, developing, and practicing leadership, and who have the perspicacity and the imagination to envision fresh concepts, theories, practices, and pedagogical strategies.
  3. It is one of only a few online leadership journals offered at no charge to readers. Its accessibility is consistent with the global movement to make leadership knowledge and/or practice available to increasingly wide populations at all levels and in all sectors of society around the world.

For more information about the International Leadership Journal, contact Dr. Joseph C. Santora, Founder and Editor: