Authors should observe
the following guidelines for submitting manuscripts:

  • All submissions must be transmitted as a single Microsoft Word file attachment to an email message addressed to:

Submissions sent via
the single-file attachment should include the following and in this sequence:

  1. The first page should
    list the following information: title of manuscript, author(s) name(s),
    institutional affiliation(s), mailing address(es), email address(es), phone
    number(s), and fax number(s). Also, it should include the category (Research,
    Practice, Education/Development, Reviews, Notes, or Dialogue) for which the
    attached manuscript is being submitted and a brief statement indicating that
    the attached manuscript has never been published and is not currently under
    review elsewhere.
  2. A 100-word biography
    of each author on a separate page or, if necessary, pages (a page should easily
    accommodate two biographies). A biography should include the author’s name,
    position title, institutional affiliation, and email address at a minimum.
  3. A cover page that
    includes only the title of the manuscript. No additional information should be
    set out on this page. Nota bene: Author name and identifying information should
    not appear on this or any subsequent pages. Also, the “Summary,”
    which is listed under the menu “File/Property/Summary” in Microsoft
    Word, should be deleted in order to maintain the integrity of the double-blind
    review process.
  4. A 100- to 150-word
    abstract for all manuscripts submitted for categories Research, Practice and
    Education/Development, unless a manuscript for Education/Development is an
    instructional material – e.g., a case, simulation, or leadership development
    exercise. For submissions for Research, abstracts should discuss the purpose,
    methods, results, and conclusions that are described fully in the manuscript.
    For submissions for Practice and Education/Development, abstracts should
    provide a summary of the manuscript. A list of 3-5 key words that best express
    the content of the manuscript should be included, in alphabetical order, at the
    end of the abstract.
  5. The manuscript itself,
    including all illustrations, figures, tables, and other materials placed where
    they are intended to appear in the manuscript.
  6. Notes should be kept
    to a minimum and used only to make substantive points that add to the
    manuscript. They should be double-spaced and observe APA format.
  7. References should be
    doubled-spaced, listed in alphabetical order, and observe APA format.